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Little Hong Kong, Asia's world city

I have a lot of images of Hong Kong before my departure : big city, shopping, chinese temple, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee's films... Some cliches are true, others aren't, there are some surprises. But everything was amazing ! (except the mosquitoes)
1/The city and the (tropical) nature
One of the most striking thing in Hong-Kong is the tropical nature which is mixing with the buildings of the city. To be honest, I have never imagined that kind of nature in that city. The Hong Kong Park was particularly impressive.
Tropical forest and birds aviary

Impression of being in LA...

...or in a fairy tale

I thought Hong-Kong was a very big city but in fact it is very small !! We can see from the Victoria Peak that it's not that big.

Nothing related with the nature but the tramways in this city are so cute ^^

2/Hong Kong Bay
We went to two places : first the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade where we can admire some old chinese boats and the symphony of lights during night time.

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